Over heating issue

  • Hi I bought a Mercury Srs about a month ago and I'm finally installing it in my jet. My set up is as follows;
    2-2s 2100 mah life packs for powerboat/recover power
    All digital hitec servos through out
    Electronic brake valve
    Electronic dual action valve for gear
    Xicoy ecu
    All connected to Mercury SRS
    Now here's the issue, I servo matched the elevator sevos hitec 5645 mini metal gear. The jet is a BVM bobcat so 2 servos are required for the same surface.
    When I connect the servos to the Mercury SRS the battery cables, connectors and power box power cables over heat very very hot.
    At first I thought it might have been a defective servo so I disconnected them and checked them through a servo tester. They were fine. I then connected 2 different servos to the mercury SRS using ports D and J which were assigned for elevator, And the power cables heated up again. If I have nothing connected to ports D and J the system does not heat up the cables. I don't think I have done anything wrong as I read the instructions a couple of times and used the assistant for set up. Does anyone have a clue what's going on? Please help.

  • Hello,
    the servos are working on this ports? I can´t imagine what should be wrong - the PowerBox just delivers power. So if it get warm- the powerdestination must be the problem. And: if your powercables to the PowerBox get hot- there must me a total short circuit somewhere... something is really wrong!

  • After careful inspections of all wiring from powerbox Mercury SRS to elevator and rudder servos, I must admit you were correct on the short circuit. It was a faulty 36" servo lead that would loosely touch a screw inside the boom to the elevator. That's why sometimes the unit would not get hot and sometimes it did. Hopefully my murcury srs was not damaged besides the mpx power cables that melted a bit. So I will replace. Thank you very much and if you have any suggestions or anything you may want to comment it will be appreciated.

    Thanks again