iGyro Software Update

  • I just received the I-gyro SN:151210 will I need to update the firmware? I tried to down load the software (powerbox terminal exe version) from your website, it seems to be installed correctly however when I go to start the program it will not run. Do you have any suggestions? Also how will I know if the usb adapter is communicating, It seems to be initially after I plug it in but after a few seconds the light on my usb port goes out. Also, this software looks like it is for a power box that I will not be using. Is there specific software that I can download for the I-Gyro? Please help!


  • Hello,
    I don´t think you need an update. Turn on the iGyro and look in the lower right corner. There is the version number. You find the actual versions here:


    The Terminal software is also for the iGyro. If it doesn´t run I think you have a very new Java software. There is a bug in Java and the Terminal doesn´t run with this.
    Do following:
    1. Uninstal Java
    2. Download Terminal.exe to your computer
    3. Instal Terminal exe again
    4. After installation connect the USB wire
    5. Start Terminal
    6. Connect the iGyro to a battery
    7. Go to "Genaeral settings" and choose "PC-Control"
    8. Click "Next" in the Terminal.... go on with the steps you see on the screen