mercury and Jeti

  • I have a new Mercury SRS running V0.0.0.2 with the GPS And Gyro. I have set it to Jeti UDI. On the Jeti I have dual path enabled and both receivers bound. I have set the output on both recivers (R3) to the UDI 10ms direct. I set the EXT port to the tellemetry on one of the Jeti R3's. I receive telemetry data but nothing is working on the Mercury. I do see every now and again the RX1 RX2 change from 'OK' to "FS" and then right back. If I unplug one it does show on the screen as FS while the other stays in OK. Anyone have any ideas?

  • I'm glad someone else is having the same issues that I have been having.

    Also sometimes it drops back to UDI 12 channels and then back to UDI 16 channels

    I have been ripping my hair out.

    Setup is as per the link provided.

    Confidence in the Mercury is low.

    Still trying to find out what is happening.

    Using REX 12 and RSAT.

    Also if you unplug RX1 (REX12) whilst you have the ext port occupied into an expander you get FS on MErcury but no alarm on the Jeti. If you unplug the Expander the Jeti will alarm out!!!!!

    If you unlplug the RSAT you get an alarm at JETI and FS on Mercury.

    If you swap this around its the reverse.

    Again confidence with JETI and Mercury is low.

    I have even tried a 9 channel receiver and the same happens so it is not the REX recevier. Same with an REX7.

    The dropping of the 16 UDI to 12 UDI is a concern.

    At present have all major functions below 12. Gear was above 12 and that is where the problem was found no gear and have to belly land with a new jet not even flown.

    Help Powerbox.

  • All receivers have been updated to latest software.

    The Mercury drops the UDI16 to UDI12 protocol at intermittent times.

    You program and all is good under UDI16 detects channels Direct 1 through 16 in output mapping and then the channels above 12 don't work.

    You go into Mercury and can only go to 12 even when it says the channel is above 12. So you go back to reprogram channel and only has UDI12 protocol.

    Then for no reason you try again and you have UDI 16 protocol back to being enable.

    I have been through this many times over the last week doing my head in as to the problem and believe to have found it.

    I am programming for a model with vector thrust.

    1. Throttle
    2. Aileron 1
    3. Flap 1
    4. Flap 2
    5. Aileron 2
    6. Elevator 1
    7. Rudder
    8. Elevator 2
    9. Gain
    10. Flight-mode
    11. Vector Elevator
    12. Vector Rudder
    13. Door
    14. Gear
    15. Brakes
    16. Nose-wheel
    17. Smoke Canisters
    18. Navigation Lights
    19. Smoke

    So all channels above 16 are put onto the Receiver and outputs are changed to reflect function.
    24 channels multi-mode active.


  • Hello,

    I assume that it makes problems in 24 channels mode. You must not connect any functions direct to the receiver. The receiver outputs are limited to 500mA !!

    I must tell you: the Mercury is not the correct PowerBox for so much functions.

    We have no problems with the normal software of Jeti receivers (16ch multicopter version). As we know from the past: often new receiver software version have bugs.

  • Jeti DS16 in Dual Path.

    Have updated Mercury to new software v02.

    Have reloaded REX7 and REX12 receivers with latest version REX v1.02

    Have reloaded R9 and Rsat receivers with latest software v3.24 UDI16

    Reset to factory defaults

    modified settings as per your link

    Consistently now both REX receivers in the Mercury output mapping will not go above Direct 12. On the odd occasion it does load it does work.

    The R9 receiver allows output mapping above Direct 12 more times than not.

    Still not stable.

    Also whilst expander plugged into ext port on any receiver and in RX 1 port on Mercury goes into FS and no alarm on DS16. Unplug ext port and Mercury goes into FS and Jet ds16 alarms out. DS16 set to alarm at loss of any receiver.

    Assistance, confidence still low.

  • Still however whilst expander plugged into ext port on any receiver and in RX 1 port on Mercury goes into FS and no alarm on DS16. Unplug expander from ext port and Mercury goes into FS and Jet ds16 alarms out. DS16 set to alarm at loss of any receiver.

  • Hello,

    I cannot follow your posts- is too wired what you try to tell me...
    I cannot see a contact with the Expander- it is connected to EXT - it´s telemetry, PowerBox is connected to PPM output - servo signal. So if there is any issue: please ask Jeti.
    We do not know any problems with R3Sat or RSat2 receivers.

    Yes the Royal is the correct PowerBox. You use it with Dual Path- the manual you have seen is an old one. Where did you find that?

  • direct download from powerbox today the manual for royal srs.

    The EXPANDER E4 EX module is used to expand the number of connecting slots for further telemetric sensors. In this way it becomes possible to connect up to 4 sensors to a DUPLEX receiver. The expander can be set in a way which enables the JETIBOX to show several measured values simultaneously.

    So from telemetry out from powerbox to jeti expander ex4 and have turbine telemetry connected to it as well along with mpseed telemetary connected as well.

    i beleive that the expander is supplying power to receiver and although the mercury shows FS the DS16 does not alarm out for some reason. If expander removed from receiver and receiver disconnected mercury goes into FS and jeti alarms out.

    I have 19 functions and Royal only has 18?

  • yes not enough outputs.

    have lost functions for 17, 18 & 19 (multimode 24 channels)

    Will have same issue with royal srs. 18 inputs and 19 required. (will multimode work with royal srs?)

    Other alternative is srs powerbox and igyro. more difficult for vector??? elevator and rudder? then can utilise two elevators, two ailerons and two flaps in one channel.

    dont like alternative of cb200 and igryo as no power overload redundancy


  • Hello,

    but a Royal has 24 outputs- with the servomatching function you will save a lot of servos. For example: Rudder+ steering wheel, 2x Flaps, 2x Elevator, 2x Aileron... all this only needs one channel. Also with Doorsequencer - you need only one channel to control gear and doors.

  • Is servomatching not achievable with the Mercury?

    Purchase Royal and then the Mercury sits on the bench.

    There must be a way to make it work.

    Other alternative to not have vector and wait for Jeti and Powerbox to work on multimode 24 channels fix for software fix. Is it Jeti now I contact and attempt to find fix? Or powerbox.

    New products new software.

  • Hello,

    the Mercury has servomatching,but not enough outputs: it has 15 outputs, you have 19! Connecting functions to the receiver is not allowed, the receiver supply is fused with 500mA.

    If the receivers doesn´t work with 24ch + UDI output, the problem is on Jeti side, but this doesn´t solve your problem: 16 UDI channels are more than the Mercury can output.

  • The problem I have is that I have some spare channels and can get around the 19 functions as I have four spare ports on the Mercury which I can allocate directly to these functions.

    These functions however are allocated in the DS16 above function assignment 16. So if multi-mode is deactivated Mercury does not see anything above 16 to allocate Direct channels.

    If multi-mode is activated then the Mercury becomes unstable and is unreliable in detected Direct channels above 16 and drops back to UDI 12 mode at times and back to UDI16.

    This is the problem Mercury unreliable above when multi-mode is activated.

    I assume it would be the same in the Royal with multi-mode activated in the DS16 allowing me to allocate 24 functions and then in the Royal allocating those functions.

    I am probably wrong.