Mercury on F16 for taileron

  • Hello

    I'm new to this Power box system and recently I bought one for my F16 jet.
    During setup for mercury taileron didn't move correctly.
    Could you give me your guidelines?

    on mercury which model type should I choose for taileron?
    on the radio, 14sg, I selected flying wing(2ail+2flap, which is taileron) and I selected delta on mercury.
    And I plugged servos, A, D, E, K. Aileron is fine but 1 of elevator servo is working, not both.
    servos are moving strange.

    Do you think it is firmware bug? or do I have to select normal model type?

  • Hello,

    you have to select "DELTA" in the PowerBox. Then connect the right Taileron to "AILE-A" and the left Taileron to "ELEV-A", which means in the Mercury: Delta-R and Delta-L.
    In the transmitter you need a normal model with one aileron and one elevator

  • Hello, I took over a second hand Eurofighter with a Mercury PWB in it, the radio system was set to a different type, I managed reading some of your answers to set the PWB to my 14SG but I cannot find where to assign the flight mode switch in th documentation it is part of set up assistant but I do not want to re-set the model is there a way to sign a FM sitch without to reset the PWB?