Gyro setup for crow and dual rudder braking?

  • Hi,

    I am thinking of putting a Mercury SRS in an F18 for the gyro function but i have a question about the mixing capabilities of the gyro. I would like to be able to do this:
    - Use the ailerons in crow configuration with flaps
    - Use the rudders as brakes on a separate channel (and normal rudder opperation)
    - And ofcourse use the gyro to stabilize on ailerons and rudders

    Is the Mercury capable of this? How do you set this up? Normal mixing in the transmitter first or everything in the Mercury? It looks the gyro has 2 channels per axis that are corrected so mixing through the transmitter looks like the way to go but how does it distinguishes between rudder input (for attitude hold ect) and brake input? Does it use both gyro channel inputs and take the combined value? That would remain 0 with rudder as brakes. I would use the gyro function the most when the rudders are in brake position.

  • Hello,

    you can do the mixing in your transmitter, but in that case there is no Attitude assist, because it´s no more in the middle position.
    I´m not sure if you need all this complex mixing in a F18...
    Normally you use the gyro with delta mixing to the Tailerons. Rudders as normal. The wing ailerons are normal controlled and mixed with flaps.