Manual Gyro setup issue: Set GAIN 3e and FLIGHTMODE?

  • I have setup everything manually and now I want to add the gyro. I checked the channel reserve settings and everything is good. Now I want to use the test flight assistant but I run into a problem. In the input mapping I cannot set GAIN 3e and FLIGHTMODE both. If I set one the other one is set to 0. When I start the test flight assistant I get a screen saying I need to set the gain to 0% (GAIN 3e???) and FLIGHTMODE to FM2..... but I cannot assign both to inputs? If I set a 3 position switch to FLIGHTMODE it works and I can set FM1/3. If I assign a slider to GAIN 3e I see the gain and attitude assist changing from 0 to 100% in the gyro menu but FLIGHTMODE is always -

    So.... what am I missing?

    I have V02 which is the latest according to the update software.

  • Hello,

    Gain 3e in the input mapping is only for people who want to have a gyro function also in maiden flight. But this is not the recommended way for setup. Go into Gyro Basic Setup, then Testfly assistant.
    All settings are done there.

  • Thanks richard, i thought so also, makes sense.

    But i am stuck in the test flight assistant. I see the gyro calibration screen, then i move all controls to learn the endpoints and then it asks me to set gain lever / knob to 0% and flightmode to 2..... but i set flightmode to 2 and then what? I have not set a input for the gain yet? Nothing happens and i am stuck in this step.