Running gear functions through powerrbox Mercury

  • I have a a Mercury SRS and cannot figure out how to make simple gear functions work through the powerbox. The gear are Pari-Tech electric running through a XiCoy controller. I used the setup assistant to program all other functions but cannot figure out how to make simple gear functions work. The plane is a Pari-Tech Natrix so no gear doors just retraction, steering and brakes. The only gear functions I can see in the PB programming are for door sequencing. What am I missing? I have tried going to a Direct channel but then I cannot input map it. The only menu choices for given by Powerbox are door sequencing and I can't figure out how to use that to program the simple functions for gear. Just trying to make the gear go up and down, steer when they are down and make the brakes work. I am using a Futaba 18MZ. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated

  • Darrin,
    Is that all you have to do with regards to programming you're retracts ? Just adust the end points. I've bashed my head against the wall to solve the same problem as it only shows the defined channels such as rudder, aileron elevator etc. It doesn't show you a channel for retracts. I want to program brakes for a jet, I suppose this would be the same............

    There are what looks like vacant ports on the SRS and I have assigned channels to them but nothing. Its a shame the manual wasn't a bit more user friendly.


  • Richard,
    This is a follow on from the other posts relating to the Mercury SRS. I too am having problems getting the retracts to work as well as the brakes. Given the only assigned channels that are available are aileron, rudder, throttle , elevator and flap it is obvious that you have to select one of the vacant channels. My problem is getting the powerbox to recognize that channel which currently it won't do.

    Secondly is the gyro settings, I have allocated a three way switch and rotary knob on my Futaba 18mz, each time I go to use the switch or gain knob it changes channels. I realize there is only something simple here, but having exhausted a lot of time trying to overcome I need help please.


  • Hello Mick,

    don´t make it so complicate:

    For the gears: Go into the Sequencer menu and select Setup Assistant. There you will be asked to move the gear switch. Following you learn in the travel points of your doors or valves. This procedure takes 5 minutes.

    The sequencer the same: Use the setup assistant to learn input channels and connect the servos to the ports shown in the assistant.

    Just for info:
    If you go into input mapping and swap from "Flight mode switch" to "Gain 3e", of course the one removes the settings of the other one. Gain 3e is gain adjusted via a dial, totally different:Flight mode: the settings are saved in the Mercury. But don´t do that: use the assistant!

  • Hi Richard,
    Thanks for getting back to me, that makes a lot of sense. I don't have doors on this plane but only retracts and brakes to set up. What you have said regarding the switching for the gyro became clear once I read it. I have a larger jet with doors and if this powerbox lives up to expectation this jet will get an SRS as well, and I have a 1/4 scale Spitfire and ME 109 which would benefit because of the poor ground handling which you would be well aware of. So I'll see how I go tomorrow, its 8 pm here.

    Regards and thanks,

    Danke nochmal Richard mal das Installations-Handbuch ist nicht sehr hilfreich oder vielleicht bin ich nur dumm