Updating the Champion SRS with software >V5.x

  • Hello,

    If you want to update for example a Champion with Software V02 when purchasing and you updated it to V05 some time ago and now you want to update to V07, there is a special way when updating.

    There has been a swap of the ports with V05 - It´s not very comfortable but it works fine if you follow exactly the procedure below:

    - Start the update at the "TELE" port with "Online Update" and "Update now". The bar will remain at 0%.
    - Remove the USB wire from "TELE" and connect it to "DATA"
    - Click on "Software Update" in the upper left corner again, then click again on "Continue"
    - A warning will come up that an previous update failed. Click "Continue"
    - You are asked to select the correct file, you can find it here: C:\PowerBox Terminal\Programm\update\PB_Champion_SRS
    - Once selected the correct file, click on: "Update now"