Problem with Mercury SRS gyro with 18MZ

  • Hello,

    has your problem been solved since then?

    As it's a "conventional electric powered prop plane", I would be happy to know if it's potential trouble for any mercury, or if it's just a failed unit that needs repair, as it could be possible on any other electronic device.

    Thank you

    PS: I received the protection foam for the mercury. Many thanks Richard!

  • Is there any news about that issue? It was a defective unit or someting else you can share for knowledge?


  • Hello Richard,

    I have seen on this forum several reports (from anonymous and famous pilots) of spurious servo movement caused by turbine noise on Mercury SRS with GYRO activated.

    The reported issues show the same signature as the servo behaviour I have personally experienced with my iGyro 3e installed on a RC jet. (Spurious rudder servo movement on rc jet)

    Mitigation means put in place by Powerbox to address Mercury SRS issue is a protective foam cover.

    Would you please consider the same kind of fix for IGyro 3e? My unit is still showing misbehaviour on rudder axis despite numerous changes on the installation and configuration.

    Thank you in advance for taking care of my request.

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  • Richard,

    I am the Mercury user who started this thread. I have the same unit installed in a brand new Elite Aerosports Havoc and cannot turn on the gyro due to this issue. How do I get a cover for my Mercury? It is not available as an accessory. I know you have offered them to owners of Mercury's, how do I get one for my unit?

    Thank you,


  • Richard,

    I thought I saw a post somewhere on this forum that referenced a V2 Mercury SRS that has been redesigned so that it is not subject to the turbine noise problem therefore not needing the foam cover. Is this true that there is a later version of the Mercury SRS?

    Thank you,


  • Hello,

    this Mercurys have the 3 axis sensor inside (same like Royal/iGyro3e). We have this units now for some weeks, this sensor is a little less sensitive to noise.

    For your information: all gyros on the market have this noise problem more or less, this is because of the architecture in the sensors. Because the Mercury is light but has a big surface, noise has more impact. The best measure to avoid this problem is to mount the powerbox far from turbine, with something between it. A fuel tank or a frame between turbine and gyro eleminates the problem normally.

  • Eliminating the problem "normally" is still a problem. I really like the Mercury but it will only take one issue like I have experienced in the wrong place, low pass, landing etc. and a very expensive model will be destroyed due to the Mercury malfunctioning from turbine noise. Is the Royal not affected due to its larger size than the Mercury?

  • Hello,

    you can simply find out if the Mercury has problems with your mounting position - with or without cover: Run the turbine at the ground at all RPMs and see if your surfaces are still.

    All Gyros on the market have that- doesn´t matter what brand. And it´s modelling: every mounting situation is different, there is no total solution to say: make this or make this to be safe. You must make your tests on ground.

  • Dear Mercury users, i'm sorry for no answering.

    I solved my Issue not far after it happened. I reseted the unit after a light crash, because i could not figure out some problems and as reprogrammed it, i forgot to set the right acting direction of the igyro. So it corrected the ailerons in the wrong direction??‍♂️ it was absolutly my fault and apologise for all the trouble that i brought to you.

    Greetings Marco