S.Bus frameloss and powerbox logging?

  • I have reception issues with my new transmitter and use S.Bus to the powerbox. When i have a link i do not see the antenna fades increasing when i see a single fame loss indicator in the S.Bus signal. How does that work? How are S.Bus framelosses registered exactly? Is not every single frameloss registered? Only 2 or more following each other? How does the S.Bus frameloss flag work?

  • Hello,
    a frame loss is only shown if you have 2 receivers connected. A frameloss in that case means: both receivers didn´t have guilty signal.
    In the case only one receiver is connected Antenna fade = frameloss. We do not diplay this additional.

  • I have 2 receivers registered and see in the S.Bus data of both the Frameloss flag set but the powerbox does not increase the antenna fades. Only when the TX is off and the frameloss flag is set in all the frames (and the failsafe flag) the antenna fade increases.

  • I capture the raw S.Bus data stream and can see the frameloss flag set. I see it maybe 2 times every second. The powerbox only sees maybe one frameloss (antenna fade) every minute. Much less.

  • ????????????????????? Why would it be so secret to how S.Bus frame losses are being registered? Security / diversity is the MAIN reason to buy a powerbox so link quality should be explained as good and detailed as possible.

    Can is assume that powerbox does not log S.Bus frame losses correctly? Why else would you keep a simple detail a secret.... I can find out exactly how it works myself but i would like to hear this from you. If not i will publish my findings on public fora.... This has nothing to do with protecting your intellectual property....