Power Input Types

  • Hi,

    I am looking to use a PowerBox (probably the Royal SRS) on a model that has a custom regulator onboard. This regulator has a small alternator and LiPo battery as inputs, with a 5V output. This output is within the input range specified in the manual (4-9V), but it is (obviously) not one of the indicated battery types.

    1. Would I be able to use the onboard regulator with the power box, ie. are there any limitations that would be prevent me from using a DC source that is not a battery?
    2. What setting do I need to use on the PowerBox? And what would the impact be on the battery telemetry provided by the PowerBox?


  • Hello,

    5V input to the PowerBox is too less, also the impedance of an alternator regulator is to high ohmic - you will loose a lot of safety. If you want to use an alternator, you need about 10V/2A. Then you go into the charger input of our PowerBox battery. The batteries are connected to the PowerBox. So the batteries are like a buffer. This is the only way which works.
    This is used often in drones.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the quick response. I have 12V/6Amax output available as well (didn't mention it since it is outside the 4-9V range on the PowerBox itself). Your suggestion sounds good.

    One more question. Is there a description somewhere that describes how the batteries are used. In other words, are they both drained together or is the one used before the other?