Almost crashed! Igyro stopped responding and then did 2 roll

  • Hi,

    I did my first flight with the mercury srs and a shockwave jet today, initially everthing went very well as I turned the gyro, the gain was set to about 24% and the plane was flying well, I performed loops, turns no issues.

    then I started to attempt a 4 point roll and the IGYRO locked me out, this was in mode 2 (gyro on, NOT heading hold) the gyro would not respond to input, so I tried turning the gyro off and nothing, then the gyro did 2.5 rolls and went inverted, finally after flipping the switch from 1-2-3 and back to 1 I was able to gain control of the aircraft.

    I was very upset and now do not know what to do. My set is as follows:

    Mercury SRS
    Futaba 18mz
    2x 7008SB rx
    GPS 2
    Power Box tele-converter.
    7.4 Lipo batteries.

    I"m afraid to fly again with the gyro on, I have heard people have crashed there models where the gyro has taken away all control. Is there a log I can download from the unit to see what is causing this?

  • Hello,
    what I think is not fair is to blame the iGyro first and only for any problem which occurs before looking on any other electronics in the model. Did you read out the recorded frame/ failsafe numbers in the Mercury before you turned it off?
    How is the Mercury mounted, can you post a Picture? Did you connect the receivers correctly with S.Bus not S.Bus2?
    A lot of questions before you can say the gyro almost destroyed my model...

  • The mercury is mounted securely to a wooden plate under the cockpit of the jet. There has never been any issue with control previously the plane has had over 30 successful flights, previously the jet was equipped with a powerbox SRS professional and only recently it was upgraded to the Mercury SRS. No signal issues ever.

    The issue happened on the first flight with the mercury, I had a BVM rep look over the install and verify setting before flying, they were all approved. The gyro worked properly for about 4 minutes and it decided to go haywire as I started my 4 point roll here is exactly what happened:

    I'm flying from right to left, I give aileron input to go into knife edge and add rudder to hold knife edge, then I release rudder and give aleiron input to go inverted, however the plane does not respond if keeps holding the knife edge potion, I have to begin turning gyro on/off to regain control, it does not respond. Then I flip from FM1 (gyro off to FM2 to FM3 back for Fm1) to see if it would respond it does not then the Plane does 2 fast rolls and is inverted, finally going from FM2 to FM1 I am able to regain control, at this point I am only 10 feet above the ground. Appx 15 witnesses see this happen.

    I think there is either a compatibility issue with Futaba 18MZ or there is a software bug in the mercury, there is another post on this forum with a person having very similar issues where gyro goes crazy and does not respond to input.

    I will post pictures shortly.

    NOTE: I want to let you know I have 11 powerbox units: 5x SRS professional, 2x comptetion, 3x Mercury SRS (2 are still new in the box) and 1 power box royal so I have been using your products for many years. I also have 5 powerbox smoke pumps. This is the first time I have had such a problem.

    BTW After my incident the BVM rep said he is taking the gyro out of his plane (he never flew it with the gyro turned on).

  • Hello,
    There are thousands of our gyros out there without any problems. No need for panic for your friend. Also I can say there is 99% no software issue in the Mercury, as we sold " some" units also working flawless. Your problem is different to the other guy, his problem occured ones he turned on the gyro. Your problem came when the gyro was already working. In your case turning off the gyro didn't fix the problem, which leads me to the idea that you had a simple failsafe. That switching off/on/off the gyro fixed the problem can have been by chance. Once you got the controls back the model worked as it should.
    You didn't read out the receivers quality after flight?? This would have been the proof...

  • This does sound like the same issue that I had with my Mercury and 18MZ. We did fly with gyro turned on for a couple minutes before the lockout incident. I believe these situations are too similar to not be related to some issue with powerbox and Futaba 18MZ. I had it happen on two separate flights using two different sets of receivers. First incident was using 6303's second incident using 7003's on mode 2.

  • Hello,

    this is what I expected: the mounting plate of your installation is not hard mounted (glued) - it´s a loose plate fixed with 4 (?) screws. Also the heavy pump is mounted to it. This may cause big problems with the gyro. The MEMS sensors are very sensitv parts.

  • That plate is a 1/6th balsa fiberglass sandwhich which is secured with with 5 machine screws and HAS NO PLAY AT ALL and does not flex. You area completely crazy if you think everyone that has a shockwave Glues this plate in. you would not be able to install the gear or access if this plate was glued. This is a jet not some vibrating 2 stroke, that plate is completely secured no bending or flexing at all. They mercury is also secured.

    I just found out that your system is incomptaible with the r7003SB because the rx goes into watchdog mode and will not wake up when using the IGYRO, I'm talkin with pilots in Europe that has lost planes. I will get the links and post the threads backing up what I said.

    I think there maybe an issue with the futaba r7008SB as well.

    What a waste, looks like you have no intentions of investigating and just prefer pointing fingers at the user :evil:

  • Hello,

    there is 100% no problem with R7003 and PowerBox - I´m using them myself and most pilots here in Europe. Do you know what a watchdog is? Just pulling out a wrong comment out of a forum with "electronic experts" will not solve any problem. A watchdog is a security timer which will reset a controller if the software on it is hanging. Please tell me how the Gyro should bring a receiver into "watchdog mode" (never have heard from someting like that in my 30 years experience).

    The Powerbox simply gives power to the receivers and gets a digital signal out of it. The PowerBox doesn´t send any data to the receiver. What a nonsense!

    And if you belive there is no vibration in a jet you are wrong: There is always a high frequency vibration which may disturb the sensors working in this frequency range. Using a harder plate can eleminate this problems.

    I also contacted the BVM people - no one has had a problem. So your statement you talked with European pilots has no value if you don´t give me a name! The more: no one contacted me because of problems!

    Send us the unit- we will check it- this is the only thing I can do for you now.