M-Link sensor mapping

  • I am looking at the M-Link sensor data from my Mercury SRS with GPS-II and i try to map the addresses. Is there a mapping list available? Voltage is clear as is GPS Speed/ distance ect but there are more addresses that have data. I see 5 power field (i assume 2 are not used because there is no current measurement) and there are 8 GPS fields.

    Is it correct there is no RX status (like frame loss, holds ect) information in the M-Link sensor data like there is in Spektrum telemetry?

  • Hello,

    this is what you can see with M-Link:

    MSB_ADRESSE = 3; //Voltage Batt 1
    MSB_ADRESSE_= 4; //Voltage Batt 2

    MSB_ADRESSE = 9; //Speed 3D
    MSB_ADRESSE = 10; //Height
    MSB_ADRESSE = 11; //Distance 3D
    MSB_ADRESSE = 12; //Trip

    Multiplex telemetry doesn´t support simple counts, so we cannot show Lostframes and Holds.

  • Exactly what i thought, thanks. This is also used when using the s.bus 2 adapter for futaba telemetry? I cannot select the telemetry type in the mercury but it is m-link when selecting sbus input.

  • Quote from "Richard Deutsch"


    no problem with that, but to offer you a datasheet I need time to make one- actually we are very busy.

    I understand. Any details would be welcome :)

    For anyone interested: This is the mapping so far (Captured from my Mercury, no current sensor so no mA values). Github project for FrSky sensors will be online later (https://github.com/RealTadango/ssensors)

    Powerbox Mercury M-Link sensor mapping
    1-Batt 1 mA consumed?
    2-Batt 2 mA consumed?
    3-Batt 1 voltage
    4-Batt 2 voltage
    9-GPS Speed
    A-GPS Height
    B-GPS Distance from home
    C-GPS Traveled distance
    D-GPS Coordinates?
    E-GPS Coordinates?
    F-GPS Coordinates?

    Raw capture (ID: ID+Type, Value 1, Value 2)
    Requesting sensor 0
    Requesting sensor 1: 10, 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 2: 20, 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 3: 31, A0, 0
    Requesting sensor 4: 41, 9E, 0
    Requesting sensor 5: 50, 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 6
    Requesting sensor 7
    Requesting sensor 8: 80, EF, 3
    Requesting sensor 9: 94, 0, 0
    Requesting sensor A: A8, C, 0
    Requesting sensor B: B8, E, 0
    Requesting sensor C: CD, 4, 0
    Requesting sensor D: D0, B7, FD
    Requesting sensor E: E0, C4, 1F
    Requesting sensor F: F0, D7, 2E

    Raw capture with decimal values (ID: Type, Value)
    Requesting sensor 0
    Requesting sensor 1: 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 2: 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 3: 1, 81
    Requesting sensor 4: 1, 80
    Requesting sensor 5: 0, 0
    Requesting sensor 6
    Requesting sensor 7
    Requesting sensor 8: 0, 503
    Requesting sensor 9: 4, 0
    Requesting sensor A: 8, -3
    Requesting sensor B: 8, 5
    Requesting sensor C: 13, 2
    Requesting sensor D: 0, -498
    Requesting sensor E: 0, 4066
    Requesting sensor F: 0, 5961

  • Hello,

    with Royal setting in the Teleconverter you get this this:

    8: Longitude_H

    13: Longitude_L

    14: Latitude_H

    15: Latitude_L

    This data is sent without alarm bit and sign bit and no clss - not necessary because the adress is fix.

  • Powerbox Mercury M-Link sensor mapping
    1-RX1 Errors
    2-RX2 Errors
    3-Batt1 Voltage
    4-Batt2 Voltage
    6-Batt1 mAh left
    7-Batt2 mAh left
    8-Longitude High bytes
    9-GPS Snelheid?
    A-GPS Hoogte?
    B-GPS Afstand?
    C-GPS Afgelegde weg?
    D-Longitude Low bytes
    E-Latitude High bytes
    F-Latitude Low bytes

    Pretty complete but i cannot get data from ID 5, it always is 0x0000. If i look at the Futaba SBUS2 adapter i should also see the frame lossess and failsafes. Richard, what is id 5 and should that be framelossess and failsafes? 1 byte for each?

    I tested with my Cockpit SRS to have battery consumption values and will test with my Mercury SRS again to check id 5 for values.

  • I see where it went wrong. When you have the LCD display the receiver statistics the telemetry stream does not update..... Took a while before i figured that out :)

    Sensor project is updated: https://github.com/RealTadango/ssensors/

    The following values / sensors are available:
    Battery voltage. Voltage is with 0.1 precision for sensors RB1V and RB2V
    Battery capacity left (when the powerbox supports it). This shows the mAh left as RB1C and RB2C
    Receiver errors: 2 custom sensors with ID 0x5130 and 0x5140
    Framelosses: Custom sensor with ID 0x5150
    Holds: Custom sensor with ID 0x5160

    When a GPS is attached to the powerbox the following sensors are availalble:
    GSpd: GPS 3D speed
    GAlt: GPS height
    Distance to home: Custom sensor with id 0x5110 that shows the distance in meters
    Distance traveled: Custom sensor with ID 0x5120 that shows the distance traveled in meters (100m precision)

    When a sensor is not availalble is it not tranismitted and cannot be discovered.

    LED now shows the connections status for the Powerbox and ECU. When a valid frame has been received it turns on. Makes trouble shooting a bit easier.