Mercury sequencer issue....

  • When turning on radio, the retracts automatically sequence to closed position and doors stay open. Tried a full reset and setup again. Still same problem. Worked fine when first set up but problem appeared at first outing to the field. Once radio is on and gear sequenced a couple of cycles, everything works fine until the radio is turned off then on again and the problem repeats.

    Set up is Futaba 18mz, 7003 rx's, sequencer is setup for mode 3, using outut C for reracts and F for doors on Jetronics valves.


  • Thanks for fast response Richard. I cant see how it can be valves? The mercury is "cycling" by itself on power up. Additionally, it is out of sequence becuase the doors stay open. I dont understand what effect the valves are having?

    P.s. How does version 4 address this issue?

  • Hello,

    make a simple test: use a servo instead of the valve- you will see: the mercury doesn´t cycle the servo.
    The startup of the Mercury takes 3-4 seconds to initialize the gyro and other things. The Jetronic valve doesn´t like that... The V04 has increased startup speed, the gyro needs no initialization anymore