Protection when 1 S.Bus receiver is "Missing"?

  • I am using 2 S.Bus receivers on SRS Powerboxes and notice everything works fine when only 1 receiver is working.... So if i start everything and one receiver is defective i get no warning or other indication i should not fly. I think this could be improved with a setting like: Require 2 receivers to "Arm". I noticed my gear does not go up when i only switch one battery on (Cockpit SRS) so that is some kind of warning but for 1 missing receiver there is no warning.... Is there another way i can get a warning or alarm on my TX? Telemtry does not count RX errors unless a valid signal has been seen first.

  • Hello,

    I had this conversation with Jeti pilots last week. It´s an good thing. With Jeti we can fix it with changing the telemetry. With Futaba it´s hard to do: The Telemetry labels are fixed...