GPS II S.BUS 2 registration

  • This is an additional instruction how to use the GPS II with Futaba system. Please follow this instructions to get started:

    First start with the installation of the PowerBox Terminal, downloaded here:…ds/powerbox-terminal.html
    After installation, connect the USB interface adapter to the computer (before you start the program) and then start the Terminal. Connect the GPS II with a battery and the USB interface adapter via the Y-harness:

    Select GPSII in the top:

    Now wait for a fast flashing LED on the GPS II- this shows that the GPS II is ready for the Terminal.

    Attention! If the GPS II was set to Futaba before- this will take 1 minute!

    Click on NEXT, and you can see this screen:

    Select S-BUS2 in the top:

    The GPS II is now ready to register in the Futaba transmitter. Disconnect the GPS II and battery and prepare the transmitter to register the GPS II. In the linkage menue select SENSOR

    Go down in the menue to the point REGISTER:

    Now connect the GPS II and battery with the Y-harness to the transmitter:

    Press REGISTER twice, to start the procedure - you have one minute time to do that. If you need longer- just disconnect the battery and connect it again. After some seconds you can see this screen:

    Now you can see the registered GPS II in the list and is ready for connecting to the S-BUS2 input of the receiver:

    Note: In some transmitter you can see also geocoordinates. The Vario function is not implemented

    Have fun!!