RX2 won't connect spektrum dx18

  • Hi guy's,

    I am trying to get my PB competition srs connected to my DX18 genII.

    I know about the choice between either the telemetry or the rx2 satelite.

    I have 4 remote receivers in my jet and have had them connected to my Spektrum transmitter. I want to use the telemetry and for that I have to disconnect RX2 in order to get it to work.

    Inititally I get that the telemetry gives me wrong value's for frame losses and holds. It actualle gives the value of the G-force meter that is inside as value for frame losses and holds.

    I then reconnected 3 of the 4 satelite's and got the system working.. rx1, 3 and 4..


    In my jet I want to use a satelite that is on the left side of the airframe. This was the satelite that was intially set on RX2 and was disconnected. So I am trying to reconnect the system by unplugging RX3 and set the antenne from the left side (the old rx2) in the new port rx 3 in the powerbox. But one way or the other, this particular satelite will not blink to get it to bind.

    As soon as the bind procedure is finished and all the satelite led's goes solid, also the satelite on the left side of my frame goes solid (weahter it is pluged in rx 2 or 3 that doesn't matter). So it looks like there is nothing wrong with the satelite or the wire and connecter.

    After binding, does each satelite get theire own position and cannot work on another of the 4 sockets? And how can I get this satelite to start blinking again when I set the PB in bind mode?

    I tried to reset to factory settings once, but with no luck..

    It is hard to explain, but I hope you got what I meant..

    Best regards,
    Joost van Gelder

  • Hello,

    in most cases of Spektrum binding problems it´s the distance from transmitter to the receivers. If you are to close- it won´t work. The PowerBox simply is initializing the satellites to blink- the rest is done between transmitter and satellite.

    Only RX1 port has a special function, the other 3 satellites are bound identical.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your ultra fast reply!!

    I don't think it is because of the tx because My TX isn't even on before binding.

    When I go to the rx/tx menu in the pb and click on bind all my satellites should start blinking fast but only 1,3 and 4 do but rx satellite nr 2 doesn't.

    When binding is finished also rx 2 shows the led so connections, plugs and wires are correct.

    It's like rx2 port won't go into bind mode or so.

    Hope you understand what I mean.

    Regard Joost

  • Hi Richard,

    It didn't do the trick. However I think there is something wrong with the wire going to satellite 2, because when I changed that I was able to hook it up to rx 3.
    I am not going to use rx2 because I want to have my telemetrie available so everything works the way it's supposed to do, GREAT!

    Maybe it's an idea to put in the manual or even in the description of the competition srs that when you want to use telemetrie only 3 sat entennes are available.

    Everything is built now and I am not going to change it anymore, but I would have chosen the one that was able to handle 4 satellite rx AND telemetry (royal of champion).

    Thanks for your help though, always very fast and spot on!

    Have a great day.

    Best regards,