Metric to English Units

  • My system is PB SRS Royal, 2 R7008SB receivers, Teleconverter, CP Elektronics PMSB IAS sensor, and Futaba 18MZ. I finally got the teleconverter registered correctly after upgrading all software, having to clear out all registered sensors, and then re-registering the teleconverter. Now all PowerBox info is downlinked correctly to the 18MZ including the indicated airspeed in the speed window using the CB Elektronics PMSB IAS.

    However I am unable to change the speed info from metric units to English units by changing the units from metric to yard/pound in the 18MZ. The downlink display shows speed in km/h and the numbers are voice called matching the km/h numbers on the display. However the voice says miles per hour after the km/h numbers are called out.

    How can I change the metric km/h to MPH on the display and have the correct MPH numbers displayed also. Changing the 18MZ units from metric to yard/pound has no effect on the numbers displayed. Does the PB teleconverter only downlink in metric? Is there a way to change from metric to English units in the PB SRS Royal? I want to use MPH for my speed display and voice call outs.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello,

    I have reticently installed a Mercury system in my plane and I am having this same problem. I was wondering if there is any additional information on this, or if anyone has come up with a fix for it.

    Thank you,