Are BlueCom / PC Interface details available?

  • I have a nice transmitter for which i am writing software additions and i got a request for a configuration tool to setup / configure a Powerbox from the transmitter. Using the PC / BlueCom interface it should not be that hard IF the details of the interface are avaibable. So...... are there any details for the communication protocol that the PC / BlueCom adapter uses? I could hook up my scope / logic analyser and figure it out myself but i simply don't have the time....

    The basic idea is to allow my FrSky <-> Powerbox tele converter to act as the bluecom adapter for a phone and communicate with my application on the transmitter.

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    this would force me to make a complete documentation of the Datalink. I´m sorry- I have actually no time for that. As you know we are developing actually a own transmitter system.

    I was hoping there was some (simple) internal list..... i will have to get the scope out again :)

    And yes i know about the transmitter development and can't wait until more details are available :) I know you guys are very good in creating exactly what the customer needs to i expect something like Jeti in terms of performance and features but with a much better interface. It needs a used extendable system like lua for small scripts / widgets ect to be interesting for me. If there is a beta program..... sign me up ;)