Jet Smokepump "leaking" during transport. No valve or damaged / dirty valve?

  • Yesterday i transported my plane with a jet Smokepump to the field and when i braked a lot of smoke oil flew out of the back of the plane. I checked the plane and inside it was dry. The smoke tube sits in the thrust tube so the oil must have been passing through the smoke pump and only leaked in the thrust tube. The car was warm so pressure might have been building up in the smoke tank (overflow was a bit restricted during transport because the overflow exit rested on foam) but i expected a valve to be present in the pump.

    So... is there are cut-off valve present in the pump? If there is it might be dirty....

  • I was expecting this... but it is a scale plane with no access to any internals really :) Since it is advertised with 'no cut-off valve needed' i thought something might have been built in.....

    I will look into a solenoid option that is only open when the system is active.

  • Exactly. When filling the smoke tank with a strong pump there is no issue at all but a day in a warm car builds up a small amount of pressure for a long time. Maybe i need to check the tank overflow and prevent restriction... saves a valve :)

  • I think a spring loaded oneway valve. It Needs some pressure before it opens. That should work but clearing the obstructed overflow exit would be the best solution, then there never is pressure build up.