Gyro Function on Thrust Vectoring

  • Hi there. I've owned a ton of Powerbox systems including the Mercury but have never setup a Mercury for Thurst Vectoring yet.

    I'm setting up a pair of CompARF J10's with TV. Both are using Mercury's. One is on Jeti UDI16. The other on DMSS.

    I have the Mercury set for Delta-TV. Flightmode#1 = Gyro Off. Flightmode#2 = Rate Mode Flightmode#3 = Thrust Vectoring. Inputs and Outputs are mapped correctly. SetUp Assistant and Flight Assistant all done with no issues. All works really well... super happy with it.

    Flightmode#1 - stick inputs move only surfaces, no TV movement, no gyro - great news

    Flightmode#2 - stick inputs move only surfaces, no TV movement, gyro effect on surfaces - great news

    Flightmode#3 - stick inputs move surfaces and TV, gyro effect move surfaces only - not what I was expecting?

    Question... how do I get the gyro to move the TV also in FM#3?



  • Hello,

    I think you have the GPS connected, but no receiving in the house. VT is set to airspeed factor 5- this is the highest factor, with a GPS connected you have no gain when the GPS doesn´t work.

    You can test it outside or set the airspeedfactor to 4. This will also work well.

  • In the setup assistant I choose normal+vt, all works fine but in gyro setting I don't have the Vector only aileron A, aileron B, elevator A, elevator B, rudder A, rudder B.

    I have software V07.