Mercury with 18MZ - teleconverter- want to use turbine telemetry also

  • Richard,

    I remember that you said that the PB Boxes / my Mercury itself is a telemetry sensor on a past thread.

    If I use a SBUS hub, can I use both the teleconverter and my kingtech turbine telemetry sensor on the same SBUSii hub port without glitches or problems?

    If not, what would you recommend to get my turbine telemetry



  • I have the teleconverter and I also have the turbine telemetry lead.

    I guess my question is, where do I plug in the Turbine Telemetry lead. Is it somewhere on the Mercury (the teleconverter is already there), or do I use a futaba hub cable and plug the teleconverter and the turbine telemetry into that, then plug the single lead into the telemetry plug on the Mercury?

    Please explain where to plug both wires into the Mercury.