GPS II with igyro 3E issue

  • Hello Richard,

    I am installing the GPS II on my 50cc model. The iGyro 3E has been working excellent till now.

    On setting up the GPS II via the Y-connector, the light becomes solid. But when I connect to igyro 3e, the light keeps on blinking, but at slow speed and does not turn solid green.

    FYI - I am using Sanwa TX RX. It is the same model that Alex flew in Amby Valley show.

    Please advise.


    Vivek Bali

  • hi Richard,

    I have connected another GPS II from another model which is set on M-Link to this model. The GPS II module blinked for about 4 mins before catching signal and went solid.

    However, when I connected the new GPS II module back to iGyro 3e and set the link to M-Link, this one still does not catch signal and keeps on blinking at slow speed for ever (I left it for 30mins).

    I have also set it to iGyro on the interface and tried the same, GPS II does not catch signal.

    If the GPS II of other model is connecting (though it takes over 4-5 mins) while set on M-Link, logically this new GPS II module should also connect. But it doesn't .... why?

    Will appreciate your suggestion.


  • Hello Richard,

    I have a gyro 3E, and now i have bought a gps2.

    When i try to open the program where i can see the settings for the GPS, i cant understand which button i have press to connect to the Gyro 3E.

    It confuses me when i read at the support forum. One of them tells me to click I-Gyro and another one tells to click M-Link, and i cant find out which one i have to click.

    Could you tell me how i do it correct, or do you have a manual.

    My radio is a weatronic.


  • Hello Dan,

    The GPS II is plug and play. No need to set up for iGyro 3e.

    If you changed the settings already, set it to M-Link or iGyro. Both will work.

    Also you don't have to change anything in the iGyro 3e. Just connect the GPS II to the MISC port of your iGyro 3e.