Blue Tooth

  • I did the quick update with the blue tooth device and it took me from Version 3 to Version 5. Other than updating the versions I don't see where I can do anything else with the Blue Tooth device. Am I going to be able to use the GPS to get speed, altitude, etc from my 18sz. I have the Teleconverter registered and powerbox selector as the sensor in my radio. Is there anything else I should be trying to do with my Blue Tooth device to work in conjunction with the GPS. If I do quick Connect nothing happens. I do have the powerbox set on PC control.

    Also when I leave the default sensor that my 18sz pics when I plug the teleconverter in the back I get Voltage telemetry but there are only 3 slots being used. When I change the default to PowerBox it shows lots of slots but I don't get any telemetry. There are 4 pages of things to get telemetry on some of which are speed, distance, altitude, battery voltage but nothing comes thru.

    I also connected with blue tooth and choose teleconverter in case it need to be updated but when I told it to do the quick update it brought up the Mercury showing the Mercury was at ver.5


  • Do I have to have the USB adapter to set the GPS to Mercury and the teleconverter to PowerBox or to update the PowerBox. I don't see any way to do it thru the BlueTooth. Right now I can only get the data (battery voltage) if I take the default of CURR-1678 ID 1 once I change the CURR-1678 to PowerBox with ID 0 which is what it changes to when I pick PowerBox I don't see any data coming thru. If I can update the teleconverter via the Bluetooth can you give me a good explanation on how to do it. I had the teleconverter plugged in to the PowerBox and Sbus II (I'm assuming it has to be plugged in to the PowerBox to use the Bluetooth to update it) and then Picked the teleconverter via the Bluetooth and when I did the Quick Update it just comes back and shows the PowerBox Version but I don't any teleconverter screens showing it can be updated. I tried the info you sent on the links but I just don't see via the Bluetooth the screens to update the teleconverter after I select it in the Bluetooth.

  • Hello,

    the Teleconverter Version is V03. I think if you don´t see the update- it´s the latest release. The USB doesn´t do more.

    You need to set it to "PowerBox".

    And please check if your transmitter has the latest software release.

    I know it´s a bad answer, but if you don´t get data: play a little arround with the sensor "registering" or "read new" and the "Reset Telemetry" in the transmitter shown in the link above.

    It will work suddenly and nobody knows why... it´s not a teleconverter issue, it´s a problem with the registering.