Igyro srs gains for aerobatics

  • Hello,

    I have installed an Igyro srs +gps on a pitts S12 python 2,80m with gp176, old powerbox evolution and 2 futaba sbus receivers.

    This models flys well without gyro but needs many mixing to improve flight behaviour:

    - Rudder to aileron 20%

    - Rudder to elevator 25%

    - Throttle to aileron 4%

    - Crows to elevator 5% when using ailerons as crows.

    It's a smooth but 3d-happy model with 30° to 45° deflections for all orders.

    I use only the low wing ailerons on the gyro, as I need 4 different commands for ailerons used as crows.

    I installed the igyro to avoid any mixing.

    So I removed all mixing (except the crows but without elevators), I used the flight assistant and everything was correct, except that I reached 100% on all axis in normal, and 60% in heading mode without oscillation either at slow speed or at high speed.

    Hovering and harriers are now quite easy and the crows are well corrected by the gyro but I still need to correct knife edge in elevators and ailerons either in normal or in normal mode.

    I tried 70% for heading in elevator but I felt some strange behaviour at slow speed, eventhough I didn't have any oscillation.

    I had to put again my mixing and it was ok.

    The gps indicates a max speed at 174km/h and it sounds good to me.

    My questions are:

    - Should I try the "gain×4" to look for oscillations? so as to improve the knife edge behaviour, even if it is not a sluggish model

    - Is it a problem if I use mixing with the Igyro?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    yes- I think Gyro Gain x4 will give you more correction. Use tha assistant to fly and adjust new, for a basic setting.

    If you use mixers, the heading will be deactivated. For example Rudder to aileron: You control rudder, the aileron heading will be off, because the aileron goes out of the middle.

  • Hello,

    here are the results of my last tests on the Pitts M12.

    I switched to "gainX4" and I was finally able to see oscillations on all axis and while removing some % I ended up with the following gains in NORMAL/HDG:

    aileron : 75/35

    elevator: 26/16

    rudder: 69/57

    The behaviour is still easy in hovering, harrier, snap roll, spins but I still need some ailerons and elevators input in knife edge.

    Do you think that I could increase ailerons and elevators HDG gains, so as to avoid this behaviour? Or is it better to maintain half the NORMAL gain?

    I didn't put again my mixing, but I think that 5 to 10% should be enough, contrary to the intial 20 to 25 requested.

    Is it usual to need this kind of mixing with such high gains on aerobatics model? or is it possible that my Igyro has a problem?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    I have some news, but finally not in the correct forum, because I had to switch the Igyro SRS with an Igyro 3E, due to receiver managment (too many non SBUS receiver unused, and not enough SBUS receiver available).

    Anyway I still used the GPS 2.

    So I copied all the numbers from the SRS to the 3E and I finaly ended with the following, in NORMAL/HDG:

    Aileron 70/35

    Elevator 25/19

    Rudder only normal 50%

    And with these numbers, I still need some elevator correction during knife edge.

    The new fact is that I have small oscillations in elevators at high speed, even with speed factor of 4.

    So, I'm about 80% satisfied with this product, and I hope to feel a huge difference in high wind flight, as I haven't been able to test it right now.

  • OK- thanks for feedback. Looks like your plane needs a lot of elevator support in the knife edge. The algorythms of the iGyros are made to go to a certain point in heading - not too much. This makes it possible to land safely even with heading gyro on for elevators and guarantee a natural flying feel. As you can see now with one disadvatage: if your plane needs very much heading to hold it straight - it´s not enough.

  • Hello,

    thank you for the info.

    I flew the M12 today, and I had another kind of trouble.

    It's again on Igyro 3E V3.0 with GPS2, so not the good section, but the beginning of the story is in the previous posts.

    Please let me know if you want me to create another topic.

    The elevator has very very small oscillation, and I should remove 1% or 2% in heading, but not a big deal.

    The new trouble that I didn't detect yesterday is that I loose aileron authority in vertical dive, even at the very beginning of the dive when the speed is quite small.

    I performed the same perfect vertical dive with "gyro OFF", and I had the full authority again, from the beginning to the end of the dive.

    This is easy to detect in Somenzini Spin (vertical roll to flat inverted spin) and I didn't try it yesterday.

    I discovered that my 6014HS receiver was set up in HS mode. I expect to test again the model with normal mode, but do you think it could explain the trouble?


  • Hello,

    here are the last update.

    I finally switched again the Igyro 3E with the Igyro SRS, because I didn't want to loose some time while searching for my aileron trouble.

    With the SRS everything worked perfectly well, except the needed elevator input for knife edge.

    Full aileron authority in all conditions.

    Some day, I will try again the 3E on another model, probably without GPS, to check the gyro behaviour.