Delta Wing Setup With Ailerons

  • I love your iGyro SRS and have it installed in all my scale planes. One of them is a scale Hellcat that I built from Ziroli plans and enlarged it to take a big radial engine. I set up the ailerons so that they hinged in a scale like manner with three arms bellow the wing so that the pivot point is about 30% back from the leading edge of the aileron. The leading edge goes up a bit while the trailing edge goes down a bit more. In use the ailerons are not that effective even though there is a lot of travel. With maximum deflection it rolls very slowly.

    The elevators each have their own servo and a separate channel in the receiver. What I thought would help increase the roll rate was to have the elevators assist by configuring them as elevons.

    My question is how can I use the iGyro to stabilize the ailerons, elevators and the elevons at the same time? If this is not possible do you recommend keeping the iGyro in the standard setup mode or configuring the elevators as elevons?

  • Hello,

    yes this is possible:

    - Use the Delta mode

    - Connect the ailerons to Aile-B (output is splited in two channels with a PowerBox or a micromatch

    - Connect the Elevons to Aile-A and Elev-A

    - Rudder as usual.

    You can do all this with the setup assistant.

  • I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying after I set to Delta mode, connect both aileron servos to Aile-B through a Y cable. Then connect one elevator to Elev-A and the other one to Aile-B?

    Then run the setup assistant.

    I have the iGyro SRS in this model.

  • I wasn't familiar with micromatch and looked it up. Actually I am using Hitec Programble servos and I can do what a micromatch or matchbox will do in a Y configuration.

    The receiver is a Spektrum 12 channel PowerSafe model.