Igyro assistant

  • Flew my Aurora jet at the weekend with my new Powerbox Royal. Never used the assistant before and was a bit nervous. I went through the flight with no problems but was concerned how high I turned the gains up without seeing any oscillation. I wondered if you could answer a couple of questions for me.

    1) Why does the assistant require a slow pass to set the gains?

    2) I notice that the assistant has set lower values for the heading assist mode compared to the normal fm2. I've not had the numbers set like this on my igyro 3e or the Mercury. Both of these had similar numbers for fm2 and fm3

    3) My Arouca is a big model which I've bought for smooth and precise aerobatics and not for blasting around. Should I go back and change anything to try and get it to oscillate or just leave the high values (I think elevator and ailerons were in the high 80's with no sign of oscillation)

    The model flew perfect and the Royal was easy to set up all the functions I wanted (first time using servo match). I just want to make sure I'm using the Royal at it's optimum settings.



  • Hello,

    1) No slow pass- middle throttel is fine. This gives you enough time to set the gain in 2-3 passes.

    2) Yes- Heading is always half than nomal gain. In the Mercury and iGyro 3e there is no seperate gain adjustment for Heading- only ON/OFF

    3) You can set GAIN x4. This gives you 4 times more sense- you need to use the Testfly assitant again. This is for big planes.

  • Might try again with a bit more speed on my passes. I thought the instructions said slow pass but I might have interpreted that wrong.

    On my igyro 3e and Mercury I thought you could set gains for both normal and heading? I just wondered why it defaulted to half the gain values when using the fly assistant.

    I had another two flights after my initial set up and in a full throttle pass I got no oscillations even with the high gains. The jet is quite big at 2.5m so maybe it needs the x4 gain.

    Flying on Sunday, will post back any adjustments. Thank you for the response.


  • Hey Richard and Alex. Maiden voyage of the T1 is coming up. Cockpit SRS is all set, igyro SRS is all setup, responds correctly and everything, FM 1-3 work great. I would like to test fly 3 times to setup ailerons 1st, elevator 2nd and lastly rudder to set proper gain on all 3 flight control surfaces. Currently, when I switch to FM 1, all 3 axis respond (correctly I will add). I would like just one axis to respond while conducting each test flight. How do I setup the gyro to correct only 1 surface at a time? Or does the assistant do that for me? I will test the assistant on the ground like the manual suggests to familiarize myself with it's use before I take it airborne.



  • OK, ran the test flight assistant on the ground a couple of times and I see how you set gain for each axis with the movement of FM switch from FM 1 to either FM 2 or 3, and I see on the igyro screen where the movement of the FM switch progresses to each flight control surface. I've made sure on the mapping menu of the igyro to ensure the knob of my transmitter (channel 13) sets gain to aileron A, aileron B, elevator A, elevator B, rudder A, rudder B. I turn on the gyro, turn gain up and in fact, all flight control surfaces move in the correct direction (react to moving airplane). Now, when I go to flight assistant, I read the info on the screen, it say to keep airplane still, move all flight controls to set end point, progress to next page for switch to be in FM 1, gain at 0%, that's done, next page is FM 2 or 3, move knob to increase gain and when I do that, the ailerons do not react to any movement from the aircraft. I grab a wing, move it up or down, make sure the gain is turned way up, and still no movement from aileron. I progress to next step of assistant, to set gain for elevator, grab nose and move that up/down, no reaction from elevator, then to next page for rudder, set gain way up, no reaction from rudder. I go back to mapping on gyro and all the inputs for gain assignment have went back to 0 for aileron A, aileron B, elevator A, elevator B, rudder A, rudder B.

    It seems each and every time I leave the flight assistant, the input mapping has changed the gain assignment channel from, in my case, 13 back to 0.

    What I'm I doing wrong?

    I'm ready to maiden the airplane, I understand the test flight assistant and the steps to set gain inflight, just need some help.



  • Hello,

    I think you swapped some things:

    1. If you want to adjust the gyro with the setup assistant (recommended) you must not go into the input mapping and set the gain channels automatically! You setup one Gain channel, on Flightmode channel in the Setup Assistant, then go into Testfly assistant and fly and adjust the axis one after the other.

    2. If you want to adjust the gyro manually, you go into input mapping set a gain channel for each axis and fly the plane. You can adjust each axis seperate and also the the gain for the heading. Not recommended- takes 5 times longer and is more complex.

  • All is well! I went through SETUP ASSISTANT and followed the prompts. I had 2 inputs under mapping for aileron PORT A servo 1 and servo 2, PORT B servo 1 and servo 2 for elevator and PORT C servo 1 for rudder. When I went to setup assistant, it put a "-" next to servo 2 on PORT A, B, C when assigning channel for control of flight control surface.

    I then went to TEST FLIGHT ASSISTANT, ran through the program on the ground and sure enough, each step set up aileron, elevator, rudder!! I'll run through the TEST FLIGHT ASSISTANT a few more times to ensure I have the steps down, and then it will be maiden day here in a few days. I'm really excited to get it going!!!


    Once I'm done with TEST FLIGHT ASSISTANT, I may disable the gain knob on my transmitter right? no more need for that knob?

    Thank you guys!!!


  • Hi Richard, I am about to set up the gyro on one, but I read About heading hold

    On the rudder in fM2 ? Surely

    It is damping on all aileron elevator and rudder in fm2 ? And heading in fm3, does it mean rudder is still acting as damping in fm3 ?

  • Hello,

    it depends what Flightmode options you selected in the Setup Assistant before. In standard configuration it´s.

    FM 2: Heading (attitude assist) for aileron and elevator. Rudder only damping

    FM3: Heading for all

    You can easily change this also after the testfly: simply go into the iGyro setting and check or uncheck the hook at Attitude Assist.

  • Hello,

    you can do that, but it´s more comfortable to use the flightmodes of the PowerBox. You simply uncheck the attitude assist in the iGyro menue if you had selected another constellation in the Setup assistant before.

    If you want it like a iGyro 3e:

    V01 to V06: in the input mapping there is a GAIN 3e. simply set your gain slider or knob channel to this

    V07: Set a gain channel to all gain inputs (Aileron,elevator,rudder)

  • Ok so today I set this up, but I can't fInd attitude assist ? To make it all damping in fm2 what I did after the test fly was to go through each surface and change the heading gain to zero, so now only damping works, is this ok ? Seems complicateD way to get it on damping, can you send a screen shot of where the attitude assist is ?

  • Ok, have done that, but for my future information how do you stop this when using the test flight assist, as it applies heading in fm2 ? Have not checked fm3 ? It nearly caught me out on landing as elevator had heading hold, basically I would like disable heading hold full stop, as I still want to play around with more gain on ailerons, but will have to got through the assistant again which I assume

    Means it will add heading gain to ?? Hope that makes sense