Servo Frame Rate ?

  • I ned to set-up my new PB Competition in my 35% Extra with following devices:
    PB competition programmed for 7,4V
    Rx futaba 6208 (powered by PB @ 7,4V)
    HV digital servos Hitec 7954SH (powered by PB @ 7,4V), two on each ailerion, one for each stab and one for rudder.

    The Rx should be set at "High speed mode" (I believe) because I'm using digital servo (even if not Futaba brands). Is this correct ?

    Ok, as Hitec does not declare the recomended servo frame rates, my question is: which is the correct frame rate to be set on PB to avoid servo performance decreasing and, in the same time, to avoid servo overclocking with a too high frame rate. What can you suggest as starting point value ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hello,

    don´t use High Speed framerate at the receiver- in case of Futaba receivers this is 7ms. Much too fast for 90% of all servos.
    In your case I would recommend to set the framerate to 12ms. This is very fast and your servos should work safe.

  • Hi Richard,
    Regarding frame rates, do we have any special Competition setup for the following configuration:

    Tx --- Futaba 14MZ on 35Mhz
    Rx --- Futaba 5114dps

    Rx frame rate 18ms
    PB Competiton
    Servo frame rate 15ms ?

    Servos --- Hitec 7955TG

    Is this ok?
    Thank you

  • Hi Richard,

    I using Hott graupner system with the RX GR-24 and GR-16 with a lot of PowerBox systems: Igyro SRS, Cockpit SRS, Royal SRS and Competition SRS and use more type of servo: JR DS8911, DS8411, DS6301 and Futaba SB series and many MKS or Savox but all Digital coreless or brushless,

    You can tell me how many framerate select?

    Many Thanks


    Happy New Year!

  • Hello Richard,

    I am joining the thread with a similar question.

    My receiver is FrSky D8R-II plus w. Telemetry and it has 2 modes: i)18ms (FS-Normal Speed Mode) and ii) 9ms (HS-High Speed Mode). I am using everywhere HV servos by Savox (SV-1270TG x 6 and SB-2230SG x 1), which are high-speed digital servos. I have set the PowerBox Competition to 9ms refresh rate and the receiver is also at 9ms.

    1. Is this an optimal setup or what would you recommend in this case?

    2. What determines at which frame rate servos can operate and what would be the difference if one was to run the entire setup at 18ms?


  • Ich häng mich mal an das Thema hier ran da die ursprüngliche Frage offensichtlich beantwortet wurde...

    Powerbox competition SRS mit 2x Graupner GR-32

    10x MKS HBL 3850

    1x Hitec HS-7954SH

    1x PB Smoke

    1x PB Sparkswitch pro

    - Die MKS sollten es wohl können (333Hz ... 3ms)

    - Für das Hitec hab ich im Multiplex-Forum 200Hz (also 5ms) gefunden

    Liege ich richtig dass ich die Frame-Rate auf 9ms einstellen kann? (bzw. ob die Hitec Angabe korrekt ist?)

    (Akku Empfehlung für 3D... 2x 2500 oder 5000er ... ziehen die MKS die Akkus schnell leer oder sollten die 2500er für ein paar Flüge reichen)

    Danke und LG