Mercury with Spektrum TM1000 Telemetry

  • I have DX-18 w/ 12120 Powersafe RX and TM1000 Telemetry module. The Powebox instructions say to connect the telemetry port on the Mercury to the DATA port on the TM1000 ( 3 pin cable provided w/ TM1000. It then says to connect the 4 pin cable to the side telemetry port on the Mercury to the XBUS port on the TM1000. That cable in NOT provided by Powerbox or Spektrum. My question is : Is this an "either / or " choice or do I need both leads connected for it to all work properly. Spektrum does not have an XBUS system... Please explain the proper connections, and if I do need the 4 pin XBUS to Powerbox lead, where do I get it ?? I cannot find it on the Powerbox or Spektrum Websites. It seems to me if it is needed for it all to work properly, Powerbox or Spektrum should privide it... Thank you very much !!



  • Hallo Danno,

    Spektrum have a X-Bus system of coarse.

    See Instruction of TM1000 Module.

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  • Hallo Danno,

    me again.

    This is the cable you need.

    And SPMA9579 is the Partnumber of Spektrum/Horizon.



    Pilatus PC-6 "Turbo Porter" 1:4,5 mit 3W80R2, Jeti DC-24:thumbup:
    Pilatus PC-6 "Himalaya Porter" 1:4 mit King 100, R12-22, BAT64:/
    Pilatus PC-6 "Turbo Porter" 1:4(Avatar) mit SPT-5, PB Competition SRS:thumbup:, Jeti DC-24:thumbup:
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  • One thing I noticed is that the TM 1000 does not work with the 12120 Powersafe RX. It is not listed as one of the compatible receivers in the manual. I also tried to get it to work and was unsuccessful.

    I am also trying to use the TM1000 Telemetry module with the PowerBox Mercury. I am using four DSMX satellites and a DX20 transmitter and was able to get all the PowerBox functions to work perfectly. I connected the TM 1000 using the two cables as described above (I used a JR DMSS RG cable JRP04881 From Chief Aircraft for the 4 pin cable). The TM1000 must be bound to the transmitter by holding in a button while powering the unit. I held in the button while powering up the PowerBox then went through the PowerBox menu to the bind function. The four satellites were flashing in bind mode so I went to the bind function on the transmitter. I got the steady lights on the satellites and bind with the receivers was successful but bind with the TM 1000 was not successful and no telemetry data was sent. I also tried to bind just the TM 1000 but that caused binding to the receivers was lost.

    Any suggestions on how to get it to bind?

  • So I understand that I need the Data AND the XBUS both for it to work, Or is it a choice, one OR the other ?? I too am wanting to use with PowerBox Mercury.... Are ther issues there ??

    Thanks !!!


  • I actually got mine to work using just the three wire connector, I can't get it to work with both the three and four wire cables connected. I held the button in on the TM 1000 while powering up the powerbox. Then went through the powerbox menu and activated the bind function. All satellites were flashing as well as the TM 1000. I activated the bind function on the DX20 and everything bound. I got temperature telemetry to the DX20. The temp is the only function I had connected to the TM1000.

  • The problem is that you need to power it separately while binding AND put the TM1000 and the Satellites in bind mode at the same time. Some receivers don't power the data port while binding, so the TM1000 does not get data when binding the satellites. Use a spare battery for the TM1000 and put it in bind mode, then put the receiver in bind mode and start bind at the transmitter.

  • Hello,

    your sequence is wrong:

    1. Put the Mercury into binding mode - flashing satellites

    2. Put the TM1000 on the table with binding button upside - no wires connected

    3. Use the 4-pole wire. Press the button and then connect the wire at the same time.

    4. Satellites and TM1000 are blinking now.

    5. Press binding button on transmitter - turn it on. Don go too close to satellites and TM1000 (about 70-80cm are good)

    6. You can read the binding mode "22ms telemetry" in the transmitter screen.

  • The only way I can get it to work is to use the sequence you suggest with one change and that is to use the three wire connection rather than the four. I am receiving engine temp and receiver voltage at the DX20 and that is all I have set up to transmit. When ever I plug in the four wire connector I lose binding in the TM1000. If I bind using the four wire connector first I do not get telemetry to the DX20 and when I plug in the three wire connector the TM 1000 binding is again lost. I am getting all the data I need using just the three wire connector and am planning to keep it this way as long as it is working.

    Thanks so much for all the help. This forum is very useful!


  • Thank you so much !!

    Thanks to this post I perfectly installed Kintech telemetry, the Powerbox Mercury SRS, additional voltage sensor in the TM1000 module and also the speed with pitot tube.

    Everything is working perfectly, I only have one doubt regarding the information that appears on the screen of my Spektrum radio in the Powerbox option, there are only the battery voltages and it says capacity but they are both at 0.

    Need to set something else?

    I use 2 LiFe Spektrum batteries of 2200Mah, do I need to enter that data?

    Waiting comments