Royal gain with boost mode vs. mercury gain mode

  • HI,

    I have been using several mercuries on my jets. I now have a new plane with Powerbox Royal and saw that it has boost mode wich multiplies the gain sensitivity. Can you pleas explain me how they compare. Is 25% gain on mercury same as 25% on Royal boost 0 ? What would 25% boost 1 be the equivalent on the mercury?

    Also you can mix normal gain with heading hold on Royal which is not possible on mercury. Correct?



  • Hello,

    Boost is a fast response function. Boost only responses to movements of the plane if the movements are fast. Don´t make it higher than 2

    Gain on Mercury is the same as in the Royal.

    In the Royal you can mix the heading in any percentage. In the Mercury you can activate "Attitude Assist" which is 50% Heading. This value was found by experience. It´s the optimum for most models.

  • Thank you Richard for your fast response. Makes sense now and interesting to know the 50% gain when ATT is turned on the mercury. The mercury doesn't have a boost option tough or maybe I just didn't find it.