iGyro V16 Setup Assistent

  • Setting up and test-flying a triple-axis gyro system in ten minutes?
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    The PowerBox iGyro V16 makes it possible

    Here at PowerBox Systems we are committed to making high-tech electronics accessible to all pilots without requiring them to tackle complicated programming procedures. Our top priority is to make it as simple as possible to operate the equipment without restricting its performance.

    PowerBox Systems have succeeded in further simplifying the set-up process, and believe we are setting new standards! Software version V16 includes a new patented* Assistance System which guides the user through the whole set-up procedure.
    It is now perfectly straightforward to install a triple-axis gyro system with all functions set up correctly - even for the complete beginner to gyros. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to assign functions, and set the direction of gyro effect and the gyro’s orientation.

    A single test-flight completes the fine-tuning process for all three axes!

    The iGyro V16 with these new features is available right now. The software can be updated using the PowerBox Terminal PC program. The update is free of charge - of course!