Voltage drop on Champion SRS

  • Dear Richard,

    I have the following setup in my plane:

    Champion SRS - Updated to V7.2

    2x Futaba 7008SB receivers, - one of the receivers have the update from you.

    Futaba SG14 transmitter. Updated to V7.0

    2x 5000 mAh 2s LiPo batteries

    I observed the following symptoms when I fly with my Extra 330SC:

    The incoming voltage on the display unit with 2S LiPo battery shows 8,4 V, the outgoing voltage with 7,4V setting shows 7,45-7,55 V.

    On the display of my radio through telemetry I see 7,3-7,2 V without having any additional telemetry unit like rpm or temperature sensor.

    When I connect the telemetry sensors the voltage drops to 7V.

    If the recievers are disconnected from PB and operated separately from single 2S lipo there is no voltage drop nor when only the recievers are running neither when telemetry sensors are connected to the system.

    Earlier I did not have this symptom.

    Have you faced such thing before?

    Shall I have to be afraid any failure problem, or I can use the system as it is now?



  • Hello,

    I´m wondering why telemetry sensors drop the voltage down to 7V- this is normally not a high load. 7.2V would be a normal value...

    Is anything else connected to the receivers? There is a fuse inside the PowerBox to the receivers, maybe it´s bad... can you connect the telemetry receivers for testing to the other port?