Speed controller doesn't start

  • Hello, I need help. I want to connect the channel of throttle through the slot "elevatot B". In the menu input mapping I have changed the channel on 1. After connection, the speed controller doesn't start because of self test failure. My configurations: TX - Spektrum DX 9, Rx- 3 dsmx satellites. When I connect servo to the channel "Elevatot B" it starts from a down point, and works from throttle stick. During the connection of the speed controller, it beeps three short times(turutu)

  • Yes, servo works in the right direction. Gain in all modes - 0, and the speed controller works well with servo tester and with spektrum receiver. During the connection between the speed controller and Igyro it sends three beeps, regradless of the position of the throttle stick. When the system recieves energy, in the up position, the speed controller doesn't go to service mode.