No MPX connector?

  • Just received my PB Professional and am a little shocked that it doesn't include MPX connectors. How am I supposed to power this thing without a power connection to my battery? I guess I need to order some MPX connectors now so I can make a connection for my batteries. Unbelievable that this thing doesn't include the basic hardware required to get it to work!! I'm pretty pissed off right now.

  • From the US. MPX are not common here. Why not just add two of them to the Powerbox? This is very basic common sense. The board costs $275 and the MPX connectors would cost you about .50 cents. You saved .50 cents but lost a customer for life (me). I thought I would be flying this weekend but now I have to order and wait on some MPX connectors. I should've ordered the SmartFly system.

  • Typical engineer, thinks he is so smart but can't figure out he has ZERO common sense. You're missing the point Dick. At least add a note when one orders your product that it does not include a critical component that is required to operate the board. I would've been good with that and would've had my .50 cent part here ahead of time.

  • Hey Elvis.

    I have a whole stack of them both male and female if you want. I'd be happy to put some in the mail FREE of charge if you wish. Just leave your address or contact info here or leave me a private message over at RC Universe or RC Groups, user name is 737 DRVR.

  • Wow man that was ruthless.. I have to just put my 2 cents in.. PB Customer service is some of the BEST in the industry. I understand your frustration when you get a new "toy" and want to make stuff happen (I am the KING of inpatient) but wow... I use MPX connectors on my wing connections and my ECU connections and have a bunch laying around... So I guess I take it for granted that they don't come with the unit.. But none of my Booma stuff used to come with power connectors either.. I dunno



  • Chris, maybe a little, and like you said, I was a little frustrated at the time but I'll get over it... when my MPX connectors arrive.

    The board actually looks like a very nice, high quality device (just can't power it up to see if it works but it looks pretty:)

    I apologize to any engineers that I may have offended but, if you're an engineer, you probably know it's true for the most part... except for NASA engineers who I worked with for several years, super smart and tons of common sense, they know how to pick em right. And they have a sense of humor, they'd probably get a laugh out of that.

  • Elvis,

    Good sport man.... Thanks .. You will appreciate the board I promise!

    As for the NASA guys I had the privilege of hanging out with a LOT of those guys at RCACF in Orlando.. And the stories they tell and the help they give are BOTH amazing!!!!!!

    Thanks Again


  • Well I finally got the MPX connectors and got it all powered up. Now I find out that my firmware version is out of date by 2 years and I need another connector that is NOT included to update my firmware! Just bought this thing new so why does it ship with old firmware... another way for PowerBox to get a few more bucks out us? C'mon PB, I'm trying to stay positive here but you're not making it easy.

  • i have v02. I guess the dealer had this sitting on his shelf for a couple years. Not a show stopper, I do use LiFe batteries though so it would be nice for the board to show them as full when they are full. Is there another adapter that will work in place of the PB adapter. FTDI maybe?

  • Hello,

    V02 is good - o.k. when using LiFe it´s the Bargraph not stating what it can state (Life is down to 6.8V even they are full after lying arrround).

    You can try the FTDI- the program supports several USB wires (Jeti, M-Link, Hott...).

    If it finds your PowerBox you can use it.

  • Thanks Richard, one more question:

    Is there any current draw from the batteries if I leave them plugged into the PowerBox and the switch is off? I had another board that would drain the batteries if I left them in this state long term.