PB9210 PowerBus to BUS in tail of jet - heat from pipe

  • Hi Richard,

    I'm building a Pirotti Rebel and I intend to use PBUS throughout, and I would like to install a PowerBus to Bus adapter in the tail. There is space in the tail but it's limited to above or below the pipe, there is also some small space on the side of the pipe but it's tighter. The most space is above the pipe but I'm afraid of heat rising. My question is related to the adapter, how susceptible is it to heat?

    I assume the adapter is a passive device unlike the PWM to BUS adapter. Have you seen others do the same?

    I've included a picture of the adapter on a small cage on the top of the pipe (plane is inverted). The intent would be to secure the adapter to the top of the cage (other side of wood), so the wood would be between the pipe and the adapter, and I would use aluminum tape to try and insulate some of the heat away. Would this be acceptable from your point of view?



  • LMK,

    I just purchase a Hawk 100, and in preperation to building it, I purchased both insulated tubing for servo wires as well as insulation tape that you would probably want to use in your application. Several jet companies sell the items. DEI, (Design Engineering Inc) sells Cool Tape rated to 400degrees "Direct" Heat. Its thin, foil tape with adhesive on one side and comes in different thickness. You can get it from: http://www.globaljetclub.com, or http://www.dreamworksrc.com.

    All you need to do is install your radio equipment and then the tape, then install your pipe and you should be good. Hope this helps,



  • Hi Jake,

    wow, you and I are on the same page pal. Take a look at the pics, I picked some up this afternoon. I also picked up the spark plug protector, I cut it open and used it as a heat shield (blanket) and taped it all in place with the tape. I feel pretty good about it, thanks for the help.

  • Hello,

    it´s not a passive part, there are pulse amplifiers inside. But if you are using a shielded pipe (2 metal) then I see no problem in that.

    For your infor: putting just metal tape direct on it is not a big help. If there is only 1mm air between shield and the item you want to shild- then it works.