• I can't get past the iGYRO sensing the switch for the flight modes in the set up assistant..

    Have tried it with MPX Royal Pro Tx and also my new Profi TX.

    The iGYRO can't sense the FM switch on either Tx.

    I tried different switches too - but no go.

    It can only sense the 4 main stick axes, but of course that is no use.

    It does sense the GPS sensor.

    Please advise.

    John M

  • Hello Richard

    No Channels are moving except throttle, which is conncted direct into the RX. 2 ele, 2ail and rudd all into gyro.

    RX has been updated to srxl on one B/D input and patch lead from RX to Gyro is connected.

    Cannot make switch go to 105% or -105% because it is the flight mode switch - does not have ability in TX to alter % like in a servo control.

    It is either pos 1, pos 2 or pos 3 thats it.

    John M

  • Hello,

    only a flight mode Switch will not work. You need a real channel going into the Gyro. Else the gyro doesn´t know anything from your flightmodeswitch controlling internal transmitter logic.

    When you turn on the system, and you move the gyro do you see the sensor staus moving? Else there is no receiver signal, follow this instructions:

    How to setup M-Link receivers for use with SRS?

  • Thanks Richard

    I had already set the RX12 DR Pro receiver to SRXL, but had not allocated a servo channel to the FM switch at the transmitter.

    My error for not understanding the MPX programming.

    John M

  • Hi Richard

    I'm having the same problem as above with my Futaba 18mz could you guide me in the right direction please to set it up again?

    (it was all working well for the last year until I did an upgrade and then got a very bad flutter from the igyro srs and GPS ii)

  • Hi Richard,

    im really struggling to get it to work in the set up assist, when I have my switch SG in the back position for what I was hoping was flight mode 1 it only move to 1 when I turn the knob LD in flight mode 2 turning the knob to set the gain it jump from 1 and 2 and when I go to heading mode it jumps from 2 to 3.

    im thinking of starting from scratch and setting up a new model on my transmitter and binding my 2x R7003SB.

    if I do this will I have to also rest the competition SRS from scratch?

    or will I be able to just reset the gyro SRS?

    your help will be great

  • Hello,

    what I see is that you setup the Gyro gain with the transmitter gyro function. Don´t use it. Make simply two AUX channels with only one knob from -100% to +100%. And use a switch also from -100% to +100%. Teach the switch channel under Flighmode and the Knob for Gyro Gain. Two seperate channels!

    Then setup the Gyro assistant. Do not use the gyro function from transmitter or gyro mixes!

  • Hi Richard

    I did use the flight assist and it did set it to 3

    I also see the gain settings are rather high after the test flight assist

    AILE A&B

    GAIN NORMAL : 63%



    GAIN NORMAL :77%



    GAIN NORMAL :87%