Spark switch help

  • Hi, i have the Spark switch in my plane on ch5 which is the gear switch on my Futaba 10C. Operating the gear switch turns the spark switch system on and off with no issues, but when i move the ailerons left or right the LED light turns on and off randomely and i cant find any evidence that its mixed with something.

  • thankyou for the reply, i will put a servo in ch5 and see if it moves with the ailerons but it also does it with rudder i saw today aswell. and with my radio its weird because on end point there is only 0 or+100% there isnt any negative value. in subtrim there is but not on end point. also in the radio i can see on a graph type thing if there is any mixing when moving the sticks and there definatly isnt any mixing.

  • ok sweet, so ive checked it with the servo and the servo operated perfect with the switch, and when i moved the control surfaces there was no glitching at all it was fine, so i plugged the sparkswitch back in again and the LED blinked on and off whilst moving the control surfaces like before, so im assuming it must be the sparkswitch ill purchase another one this week. thankyou for you suggestion with the servo :)
    Regards Nathan