Gyro stabilization for more than 6 output ?

  • Hello,

    I’m having a technical question about gyro output. I need to stabilize 7 outputs (or more) on 3 axis. Is this possible with the Powerbox SRS Mercury or Royal ? It's very important to understand that all those outputs might have different trim, direction and endpoint. My understanding reading your manual is that there is only 6 gyroed outputs, but is it possible to use those gyroed outputs as input to other ports ?

    - Ele1, Ele2 (and ideally Ele3)

    - Ail1, Ail2, Ail3 (and ideally Ail4)

    - Rud1, Rud2


  • You can assign the Gyro output to multiple physical outputs and the outputs can be matched. So you can have many servo outputs controlled by Ail1 gyro output. It is the same like you would use Direct mapping of a single receiver channel to multiple outputs.