use of Output mapping menu port vs Bus A and Bus B & PBUS ports

  • Hello Richard,

    New install using a Royal and 100% PBUS. In the Output mapping menu I mapped channels to ports in sequence. For example, channel 1=port a, channel 2=port b, channel 3=port c, etc... All seems to be working perfectly. My doubt is based on the mapping between physical ports which correspond to BUS A and BUS B and the 2 physical PBUS ports which also correspond to BUS A and BUS B. Some of my BUS A ports like L or M, N are physically connected to PBUS port B although on the unit they're part of BUS A.

    Does the output port mapping matter when only using the PBUS ports? Or is it dynamic based on the SBUS channel being recognized on the physical PBUS port? It doesn't seem to, and you only have 6 BUS B output ports to use, so it's impossible to evenly map/split channels between the two buses one for one. I tried and was unable to map them as I have more than 6 SBUS channels connected to the BUS B PBUS port. I hope my question makes sense, it's late here. LMK.


  • ok, that is what I figured as it is all working perfectly. Regarding voltage, I should be ok as I set 7.4v for both Bus A and Bus B.

    One more question, in order to make the plane 100% PBUS I had to obviously connect the turbine ECU throttle channel to a PBUS to PWM adapter. It seems to be working just fine, do you see an issue with that? A friend is worried as it's the turbine channel and suggested I connect it directly to the rx. I figured a channel is a channel and it should make no difference if it's the turbine throttle or a electronic air valve, as it's simply mapping the signal to a SBUS channel #. The way I have it I have rx redundancy.

    Just looking for peace of mind, thanks in advance.


  • That is the correct way indeed. The ECU reads the signal exactly the same way as a valve or servo would, so the PWM adapter is the right choice.

    Thanks Tadango, I figured. Sometimes folks get a little nervous about technology and want to keep doing things the same old way, I personally like to embrace technology.

    So far I luv the setup, so clean.