V07 Update & Rate Mode vs. Att. Assist Mode

  • Hello Richard...

    Ok, I'm confused as hell. I updated to V07, and read all your replies regarding the Setup Assistant not changing any manual User-Mapping settings when the assistant was run, yet in my case, that's exactly what happened. All the input mapping and carefully thought out output mapping that I had done (for ease of servo lead access & servo location) was completely overwritten by the setup assistant defaulting to the "normal" output location you have programmed into the Mercury. This has the same effect as doing a complete system reset.

    I did a complete setup using "my" manual user mapping three times, all with the same result... Overwritten to the default output mapping for "normal" aircraft configurations. In each case, my gyro setup for "rate mode" on FM 2 & FM 3 reverted to Att. Assist On when viewed on the normal gyro setup page.

    I reworked the aircraft servo output to comply with the default "normal" mapping layout, and low and behold, I got to the end of the Setup Assistant menu (including selecting "rate mode" on FM 2 & FM 3, yet I continue to get "Att. Assist On" when viewed on the gyro setup page.

    What's going on here?

    I only want "rate mode" on all my primary channels for flight stabilization on the Warbirds that I fly. Doing 3D or Torque Rolls with Warbirds is highly frowned upon by the people that I usually fly with.



  • Hello Robert,

    the setup assistant is the first thing which should be done. After that you can remap the outputs or remove attitude assist in any flight mode you want, manually. You can do that easily in the iGyro menu- you don´t need to go again through the setup assistant.

  • From what i understand using the setup assistance you will get the input and output mapping as defined in the manual. If you wanna change the ports. Running the setup assistance again will erase your own mapping you did. Learned this the hard way. I did the mapping, adjusted the gyro settings in the gyro menu and did the test fly assistant. Worked perfect

  • Software Update Wo kommt der Stecker (Graupner) vom USB-Kabel rein?

    Ich habe mir letzes Jahr bei der Prowing eine Mercury SRS gekauft und möchte einen Software Update durchführen. Mein SRS hat die Version V05.

    In der Beschreibung ist unter "PC-Control" einiges aufgeführt, jedoch ist nicht beschrieben, wo der Graupnerstecker vom USB-Kabel reinkommt. Vielleicht ist es der Punkt "GPS"?

    Ich möchte aber auf keinen Fall etwas falsch machen.

    Für eine Antwort wäre ich dankbar.

    Gruß Volker