Royal SRS and Jeti DS 16

  • Hello Richard,

    I'm using my Jeti DS16 with The Royal SRS and the Power Bus system. I have used 14 outputs in the output mapping menu which correspond to 14 channels in the power bus menu.

    These 14 outputs correspond to 14 functions in the transmitter, which include control surfaces ( 2A,2E,2F,R) , throttle, choke, Ignition, Gear, Lights, Brakes, & nose wheel steering.

    Outputs 15 and 16 from the power box are assigned to the fuel pump and smoke pump and are not on the bus.

    Since all 16 channels on the UDI 16 format of the power box are used, I have no channels left to control the Gyro Mode and Gyro Gain. I have updated my Jeti DS 16 transmitter to the new

    24 channel format. Will you be updating the power box to a UDI 24 format to allow more channels from the transmitter to be used? I don't see any other way to be able to control The Gyro.

    I would appreciate your input.



  • Hello Mike,

    there is no UDI24 signal available from Jeti... But I think you missed someting: you didn´t use the posibility to map more output to one input and adjusting them with servo matching?

    Normally nobody needs 24 channels when using a PowerBox.

  • Hello Richard,

    I thought about using a single channel from the transmitter, for example ailerons, to 2 outputs in the power box, LT., RT., aileron. However, I'm using the Bus

    system as well, and I thought that each Bus channel required it's own dedicated channel from the transmitter. Therefore, the LT and RT aileron for example had to have

    their own dedicated channel at the transmitter.

    That being said , can I program both the LT. aileron and RT aileron outputs in output mapping on a single BUS Channel,( CH 1)? Then program

    the PWM adapter for channel 1, for both servo 1 and servo 2 outputs, to use for the LT and RT aileron. This would free up needed channels in the transmitter.

    Have another issue, Richard. I attempted to install the Power Box Terminal program. The instructions for the install are partly in English and German making these

    instructions hard to follow.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Yes- exactly: for example you use only one input channel for the Elevator-A Gyro. The in the output mapping you make two outputs to Elev-A. In the BUS mapping you get two channels. You can servo match one side now to change direction or endpoints.

    We will check the language thing.