SRS + competion + thrust vector ( issue Speed factor)

  • Hello hoping you can help with two queries

    1> I'm doing final set up on my gyro I have FM2 and FM3 set and understand that for Thrust vector when in FM3 you need to set a different speed factor and boost. The issue I have found is that when I change the speed factor in gyro settings for FM3 it applies that for FM2 also so I cant get different settings for each mode. the boot is working ok. Any ideas ?

    2> Also just to confirm I have used both set up assistants with the model on the ground and then checked settings manually altering gain back to zero on all controls. With the gain adjustor now disabled can I just re-assign the channel manually for normal and heading hold on one knob in gyro settings so its ready to use again with fly assistant or do I need to set up the basic assistant again for it to work correctly ?

    Regards Keith

  • Hello,

    first you need to set it in Basic setup assistant if you want vector thrust control. Once the basic setup assistant is done, you can start the testfly Assistent as often as you want. Or you can assign a channel in the input mapping to adjust gain only for one output seperate.

  • Thanks Richard,

    So my understanding is that I have to do the basic set up again to get the gain to work on one adjustor in one flight for all controls

    Any idea on why I cant alter the speed factor between Flight modes ?

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the guidance I have one further query:

    When setting FM3 should I have the vector ( Elevator-B & Rudder B) to 100% gain speed 5 and boost 4 + the rudder, elevator and ailerons at 100% gain too with speed 3 and boost 1 ?

  • Now I understand...the Mercury has only one Speedfactor for all flight modes. Set it to 4 for the vector and 3 for the normal functions. But this is done in the setup assistant autonaticall

    the issue we have is I can't have different speed factor for fm2 and fm3 so either speed 3 or 4 ?

  • Richard, der Thread Starter hatte gefragt, ob es möglich sei, den Speed Faktor für jeden Flight Mode SEPARAT einzustellen. Dies ist ja derzeit (noch) nicht möglich. Ich hatte genau denselben Wunsch auch schon vor über einem Jahr geäußert. Besteht Hoffnung, dass diese Funktion irgendwann kommt?