PowerPak 5.0X2 Pro discharge ?

  • Setup - Royal SRS with (2) PowerPak 5.0X2

    I have my Royal SRS with (2) PowerPak's connected; setup is on my bench (not currently in model). Royal SRS in off state for a few weeks when I noticed 1 of the PowerPak's with blinking red LED. Manual states this indicates state of charge < 15%. My questions are:

    - Is Royal SRS putting load on batteries in off state?

    - Is PowerPak auto discharge not switching off (discharging too far)? [battery 6.8v]

    My plan was to install these deep inside model and not regularly disconnect, so I'd like to know if the design supports this setup before doing so.

    I assume the only scenario that results in red blinking LED status is when PowerBox is on for extended period of time. Correct?

  • 3 weeks connected to PowerBox SRS.

    Related question - since new, I've never completely charged the PowerPak so perhaps the timer has not triggered? Can this cause the PowerPak to discharge to 6.8v?


  • Update - I charged both packs and left connected to PB Royal SRS from Oct 2 - Oct 27 (3+ weeks) in off state. On Oct 25th pack #1 had solid red LED. I turned PB on to check voltage which was 6.98v (pack #2 = 7.01v). Switched PB back to off state

    Now on Oct 27th, pack #1 now has flashing red LED. Switched PB on to check voltage, pack now at 6.78v and pack #2 now has red LED (solid) with voltage at 6.96v.

    Either the PB Royal and/or switch is putting a load on the batteries or the internal charge management system is drawing the batteries down.

    At the moment, the whole system is sitting on my bench, but my plan was to semi-permanently install deep inside model without disconnecting between fly days, Winter, etc.. With this pattern of self discharge or PB load, I'm not so certain of that option.

    What do you suggest?


  • Update -

    After 3 more months with batteries physically connected to Powerbox Royal SRS in off state, effectively zero drain on batteries. Feel absolutely confident to mount anywhere in airframe without concern for battery access to disconnect.