Servo Matching

  • I have split elevators with a servo on each elevator. I am using one channel on my transmitter. When I try to do the servo matching the right elevator always has more throw than the other. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong. I go into servo matching on each elevator, click on Initialize and get the check mark. One of them needs reverse so I get the check mark. I then go to Start on each elevator and move the stick up and down and then click off of Start using the enter button. One thing I have done is to get the servo arm on the right elevator at 90 degrees I have to go in to Start and manually set the arm to 90 degrees and then adjust the linkage to be level. I don't think I'm off enough to move the arm one spline.



  • Hello,

    make it easier: adjust one elevator complete in the transmitter. Then go into the other one to servomatching.

    1. Initialize this output: Enter init, then movbe the stick complete up and down.

    2. Reverse it.

    3. Then adjust the middle by pressing start, move with button I and II. When done press the enter button

    4. Move the stick to an endpoint, press start. Adjust this endpoint

    5. do the same with the other endpoint.