Insufficient slots in an 18MZ

  • Hi Richard

    I'm using Jet Cat telemetry, PowerBox telemetry, and a couple of others in a big jet, and have run out of slots in the 18MZ

    Can you please advise how I can reduce the number of slots that the PowerBox converter occupies? I will select only the items I wish to transmit to the Tx, and hopefully get the total number of slots needed to under the maximum Futaba provide for

    Thank you

  • Hello

    An update - I was able to get the Jet Cat module to relocate to slots 1 through 14, and hence the PowerBox Teleconverter to occupy slot 16 through 31, and all is now working, however, no more sensors are possible! The trick was to register the Jet Cat module first, then move it from starting slot 8 to starting slot 1, it needs 14 slots, hence when registering the PowerBox sensor, it automatically registered at starting slot 16 and occupies all slots from 16 to 31. It seems that for some technical reason, you can only start at slot , 8, 16 or 24 - blocks of 8 slots - this I'm sure you are already aware of!

    Thank you for your support responses, they are very helpful