Igyro + JR XG14

  • Dear Friends :

    First I'll introduce myself, my name is Eduardo, I'm from Brazil, so forgive my poor English. I am aeromodeller for 29 years . I'm 45 years old .

    I've always liked to use Gyros on airplanes, I've had several, from single-axis JR to Iceman (I could not use it successfully), AS3X (which I'm currently using very well), and now i bought an Igyro SRS + GPS to try .

    I readed the manual that comes with the gyro, but unfortunately it does not mention the DMSS system or the JR radio.

    Despite having a DX9, I would like to try the Igyro on a Yak 55 H9 Carden 50cc which currently is with a JR XG14 radio.

    I need the basics, from the wiring diagram (is it the same of Spektrum ??) to more advanced instructions on how to configure Igyro in this radio.

    I understand how a 3-axis gyro works, but I do not know how to make the connection, since gyro does not have extra slots to connect channels that will control flight mode and gain.

    I use the RG1131B receiver and the servos (2 aileron, 2 elevator, 1 rudder) and battery are connected directly on it. I'm not using any XBus function at the currently configuration setup .

    Where do I start ?? =O

    I was able to do the online update successfully. i'm 25 version now .

    All the help will be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance .

  • Just to register I changed the receiver for XBus and the SRS unit works very well with JR XG14 .

    BUT ... i almost broke my YAK 54 50cc with the SRS unit, after flying with it and set the gains, I was taking off with the unit on, but not on Heading hold, and for some reason I did not understand, he jumped the plane to the right going towards the protection fence , while I desperately gave full left aileron and its keeping going to desaster ...... I only managed to save it because I hit the key and turned off the gyro. It gave me a big scare.

    When I stabilized the plane and stopped shaking with the fright, I put the plane very high and I turned on the gyro again, it behaved normally .... I do not really know what happened on take off .....

    I have a Slick 580 60"Extreme Flight flying with a 3e and this unit in my opinion, for cost x benefit and for simplicity, is better than SRS. I have already taken off and flown with it several times without any complaints.

  • Hello,

    tghe iGyro SRS is the choice if you need dual receiver inputs and Bus output- for example to a Powerbox. Also it has a little more options. The sensor technology and gyro software is similar.

    Are you sure Heading was off? In most cases when you roll on the ground, the ailerons go into full deflection if you do some turns on the ground. Before you start it´s a good idea to move all stick shortly to bring them beack to zero to avoid unwanted movements when the plane lift off.