Current Pull from Gear Door

  • I'm running the Electron Gear with the GS-200 controller. I'm using the GS-200 to control my nose gear door on my T-1. In order to keep the door tight when the gear is up I need to keep some tension on the door via the servo. When I check the current pull with the door up the servo is pulling a steady 130 mah. I'm not too worried about running my flight batteries down as I have two going thru the Mercury and they are rated at 5600 mah. Is this 130 mah draw on the Mercury a problem. If I should burn up the servo my gear will be able to push the gear door open so I'm not to worried about that unless the motor would freeze. I'm not even sure if pulling 130 mah for a 5 or 6 minute flight is going to hurt the servo anyway. Any thoughts would be appreciated.