Gear sequencer feature request

  • I have a scale jet with gear doors and i am needing a special feature in the sequencer. When the plane is turned off the hydraulic pressure is lost and the gear doors drop. I want to add this feature also and using the gear sequencer would be great. I now control the doors directly from my transmitter to make this possible.

    Could something like this be a special scale feature in the sequencer? Adding more modes in the sequencer would be a great option for many purposes:

    CH1: Up -> Down

    CH1: Down -> Up

    CH2: Up -> Down

    CH2: Down -> Up

    They should be able to use the same output channels, so you share all the sequencer channels with every channel.

    This is an example (beacon on is simulating engine run, no air in the system....)

  • True but 2 sequencers (that is basically what I could use) could be useful for many things. For example sequencer 1 for gear and doors, sequencer 2 for setting air brakes in a certain sequencer. But it would probably not be used by many... Maybe put it on a list for when you have nothing else to do ;)