teleconverter not responding

  • Hi,

    Just purchase bluecom and teleconverter.

    bluecom seems working correctly. but teleconverter is not working. simply I can not connect with bluecom.

    With the 18 sz , when I hit the reroad button, it says (configuration succeeded), but nothing happen in the telemetry. there is no sensor at all.

    When I try register it, it says sensor is not ready.

    Is there any way to solve this problem.? reset, etc.

  • Hi. Rechard.

    Many thanks for replacement.

    New telemetry arrived here in korea today ..less than a week. I'm really impressed your great service.

    But unfornately it is not working again.

    I'm not writing this for another replacement. Just for information to you.

    I will buy new one from korean dealer.

    This is what happen

    I succeded connect with bluecom at first time. I found this one already configured to t18 which is o.k to me (I have 18sz). Then I try to check update. And it is already has updated firmware.v3 I believe.. Then I closed app. Disconnect battery connection ( life 2s battery - sbus2 - powerbox - bluecom.). Frankly speaking I'm afraid about teleconverter reliability so I try it again. Connect battery and open app. Bluecom connect without any problem. But this time no connection with telelconverter again. And that's it.. from that moment no respond at all.

    I believe I didn't make any mistake during connection. Since until today I practice connection and app control with gps 2 without any problem several times. And studied manual and even some youtube videos.

    In my opinion something happens to teleconverter's firmware or system itself during connection with bluecom.


    Maybe I am just unlucky one with 2 teleconverter malfunction at first day.

    And I suggest that if you put some kinds of recovery option to factory reset in app will be great. Like flight controllers in small drones. They have restore or force firmware writing functions in interface software.

    Anyway thanks for good service and wonderful product. I'm beginner with powerbox but I think these are good product.

    This time I will buy usb interface and teleconverter from korean dealer. And I will test it again and report to you.