• Hi Richard,

    Sorry to bother you on anther subject but having an issue updating Royal with Blue Com. iPhone 7 s latest updates. Blue com V1.19

    All connected as per diagram and Royal screen shows BLUE COM CONTROL. Blue tooth steady connection but Terminal will not "Quick connect" on screen.

    Cannot move forward from this position.

    Any ideas


  • hello Alex, in this issue, my royal was interrupted by bluecom update, after that was unable to recovery my royal, seems remain in blank, nothing works and do not allow even menu in order to reconnect.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello strutter,

    Please try to do the update again. Just restart Royal and the App. Then start the App and hit quickUpdate. When the app starts RescueMode, select Royal SRS and then start the update.

    If RescueMode do not appear, you have to send us the unit for update.